Active Directory Installation Failed - WHY?

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Subject: Active Directory Installation Failed - WHY?
Posted by:  Robert (rmsuf…
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009

Hello all -

I have two offices... both have two servers running W2k Adv Server.  Both
servers in Office A has a brand new installation of W2k Adv Server w/ SP4.
One of these servers is the PDC and the other is a member server.  I am
trying to configure a 2nd domain with two servers at office "b" and have
that domain in the same forest as office "a."  When I run the AD wizard on
either server in office "b" [remotely from office "a" with Remote Desktop
Connection over a VPN tunnel], I get the following error: "Active Directory
Installation Failed."

The error message continues to say, "The operation failed because 'The
remote attempt at server to remove server CN=NTDS Settings,
from the enterprise failed.  The DSA object cannot be deleted."

I tried researching this problem over the weekend and found an article
saying my AD is corrupted with old objects and to do one of two things: (1)
remove objects that shouldn't be there anymore or (2) install the OS again.
I opted for #2... and I'm still getting the error.  AD isn't the problem...
any ideas of what the problem is?