Better to use Basic or Dynamic drive in a RAID 5

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Subject: Better to use Basic or Dynamic drive in a RAID 5
Posted by:  winserver via (u79…@uwe)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009

Hi All

I have today received my new Server 2003 to be used as a Terminal Server on a
SBS 2003 Domain.

The machine has been delivered with the following configuration:

1 x 1TB hard drive on a RAID 1 for the Operating System with a hardware RAID
controller – formatted as Basic Disk configuration

5 x 1TB drives on a RAID 5 for Data again with a hardware RAID controller –
this has been formatted a Dynamic Disks with a simple volume of 3.5TB and

Normally I only use Basic drives with the normal partitions.

My question is that, in your opinion would you change the Dynamic disks back
to Basic and format them in the normal way with 2 partitions (3.5TB and 200GB)
or leave them as they are.

The supplier says that it is better to have them as Dynamic, but I have read
various posts which makes me doubt this theory and it would be better to go
back to Basic.

Unless, of course there is a reason why I should not change them.

Your comments would be very much appreciated as at the moment the data drives
are currently empty

Thanks for your time


P.S. originally the configuration was supposed to be 6 x 1TB drives entirely
as a RAID 5 with 3 partitions 800GB / 4.0TB / 200GB – but the supplier said
due to limitations on drive sizes on a RAID the above is the best option

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